Study online whenever you want and get a personal on-line teacher

You can benefit from a vast selection of online materials that will help you learn a new language or improve your level of proficiency. The content of your e-Lessons is selected according to your profile, ensuring you are learning language skills that are relevant to your daily life. You have unlimited access to all the learning resources and can study at any time, from anywhere with only an internet connection.
CyberTeachers® is an online learning platform that provides tailor-made content and the latest in interactive exercises, around the clock.

This option offers a self-study program in combination with an online teacher available 24/5. CyberTeachers Live provide live and on line, ongoing tutoring support for e-learning programs throughout the day. Only available in English.

Benefits at a glance

  • Live English teachers available 24/5 and community rooms for open discussions with other trainees
  • Live Coaching: Immediate individual assistance on a specific topic from a real tutor via chat and/or video
  • Community Room: Chat room for open discussions with other trainees or with the tutor
  • Unlimited access to all the learning resources and can study at any time, from anywhere with only an internet connection
  • E-Lesson program personalized to your job profile and goals
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of self-study online exercises
  • Course accessible from computers, smartphones or tablets
  • Comprehensive reporting tools allow you to monitor your progress


CyberTeachers offers many additional tools to accelerate learning. You receive a 5-minute daily lesson to work on specific rules, expressions and mistakes to avoid. A rich database of exercises provides hundreds of hours of targeted practice of your grammar, vocabulary, oral and written skills. Innovative help tools such as videos, writing assistants, dictionary, translator and a speech trainer are always available to enhance your learning experience.

CyberTeachers also gives the possibility to integrate your own personal materials directly in the platform, transforming them into interactive language learning exercises.


  • Personalized Program Content and tailor-made classroom units. Training material is selected from over 600 professional situations and 218 job profiles, based on the Audit results.
  • Learning News: Your personalized newspaper! Articles from the press tailor-made by the learner, plus vidéos, ads, …
  • Flash Lessons: A short lesson is sent, Monday to Friday, to the trainees' mailbox. In only 5 minutes, the learners review a grammar rule, learn an idiomatic expression and get advice on common mistakes to avoid. The Flash Lessons provide daily practice of the language and motivate trainees to connect to the program on a regular basis.

Available in English only



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